How about some music to go with your bourbon?

In 2018, we welcomed these four amazing bands to the Burn stage. Our cyclists were treated to a couple nights of good ole pickin' and jug band tunes — Kentucky style!

The lineup for the 3rd annual Burn will be announced summer of 2019!

Friday Night

Bourbonville Buskers - Louisville, KY

The music of the Bourbonville Buskers harkens back to the day when musicians around the city took to the streets to play some tunes, with their empty liquor jugs in hand and mischief on their minds. From our friendly township of Bourbonville we continue this tradition of song and tomfoolery. The Bourbonville Buskers small batch sound is crafted with a bill of jazz, blues and old-timey music, with overtones of humor and innuendo that precede a sweet, yet peppery kick. Learn more about the Bourbonville Buskers here on their website!

Jade Peterson - Jefferson’s Bourbon


Head distiller, Jade Peterson from Kentucky Artisan Distillery will be joining us on Friday evening. Home to Jefferson’s Bourbon, a brand iconic for the way they experiment and age their product, Jade will tell us a little bit about what’s happening at the distillery, as well join our riders in a tasting of Jefferson’s Ocean. Wait until you hear about this bourbon that’s been around the world!

Whiskey Bent Valley Boys - Pewee Valley, KY

Hailing from the back woods of Pewee Valley, Kentucky. Whiskey Bent Valley pay’s homage to their southern kin. Songs from the tobacco fields to the rivers, iron skillets to moonshine stills, upbeat and professional, this band possesses the skill to honor history and preserve the instruments, their style and every authentic nuance of the day. With their sense of fashion, From overalls to string ties, straw hats to silk vests, along with a turbo charged performance, their approach breathes fire into this vintage genre. Read more about Whiskey Bent Valley Boys here on their website!

Saturday Night

Small Batch Band - Lexington, KY

Small Batch is a five-piece collective of that clusterfolk variety that steals handily from country, bluegrass, folk and old- timey music until it’s convenient to ignore those same forms in search of some other feeling or sound. There is more than a little harmony that happens all the time. Also: expletives, booze songs, songs about cheating, family tales and stories of love and hate. Read more about Small Batch here on their website!

Storytelling by Phil Kollin: The Bad Boys of Bourbon

Phil at Beam.jpg

Kentucky's long history is full of stories of successful business owners and celebrated Master Distillers, but our state's most infamous characters are the notorious characters who operated outside the law and under the radar. We'll explore the larger-than-life tales of some of bourbon's biggest criminals from the last 150 years including Oliver Babcock, George Remus and more. Amazing stories of the audacious men who attempted tax evasion, bootlegging and robbing distilleries...and almost got away with it. And we'll commemorate their ignoble deeds by discussing which of today's bourbons might best pair with each of these plucky Bluegrass originals.

Phil Kollin has an insatiable appetite for all things bourbon and history. Phil has hosted nearly 600 groups on bourbon adventures, horse tours and other custom experiences across the state with Mint Julep Experiences. He is both a Louisville Certified Tourism Ambassador and a Certified Bourbon Steward through the Stave and Thief Society. Like Daniel Boone, Phil also believes that “Heaven must be a Kentucky kind of place.” He can usually be found wandering around distilleries while wearing fun socks or spending time with his two young children - Milk Face and Noddle Pocket

The Juggernaut Jug Band - Louisville, KY

What do you get when you blend jazz, blues, and ragtime with washboards,washtubs, kazoos, jugs and various other sundry hardware?Nothing less than a strange concoction called the Juggernaut Jug Band. Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, the Juggernauts have proudly kept early twentieth century jug music alive and well since 1965, when four high school lads discovered jug band music made them feel just fine!

The Juggernaut Jug Band has had an impressive roster of musicians joining Roscoe Goosesince their inception in 1965. Over the years, they have appeared with Leon Russell,Arlo Guthrie, John Hartford, Jonathan Edwards, Riders In the Sky, Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Tom Paxton, to drop a few names. Read more about the Juggernauts here on their website!

The beautiful countryside and majestic horses can’t be beat. Base Camp offered a great place to relax with entertainment and bonfires. We’re hoping for more food truck variety next year! We’ll be back.
— Terry, 2018 participant