Stay Fueled For the Ride.


Breakfast food trucks will be available at Bourbon Base Camp each morning with delicious food options available for purchase. If you are staying at our partner hotel only a short distance away, a complimentary breakfast will be available at the hotel each morning.


Whether you are biking the medium option on Friday, the century option on Saturday or the short option on Sunday, we offer the support you need to stay hydrated and comfortable for each day's ride. Bourbon Country® Burn support stops will be located every 15-20 miles apart, stocked with water, Gatorade and tasty snacks to refuel for your day's adventure. Please note that a proper lunch will not be served on the course, however, there are numerous cafes and lunch spots along the way for you to stop and savor the local cuisine. For those of you wanting a little more fuel for the road, we will be sure to prepare you with all the local food options along the way, should you want to stop and experience some bluegrass bites.


After a long day out on the course, refueling with a meal should be the easiest thing you do all day. Our 3-day and 2-day registration options include meal tokens for Friday and Saturday evening. 1-day riders will receive a meal token for Friday or Saturday evening — whichever day registered for. Dinner will be provided at Bourbon Base Camp by local food vendors, operating local food trucks. Food trucks will also accept cash and card, if you choose to purchase additional items, outside of your designated food token.


So much fun to experience this beautiful part of the country on two wheels! Well organized and supported all along the way and fun to camp with friends, both old and new. I could’t recommend it more!
— Marci, 2018 participant