How about some great presentations to go with your bourbon?

We are excited to welcome these folks to The Burn 2019. You are going to love them.

Friday Night, 7pm

Pavilion Presentation: Oak 101: Flavors From Inside the Barrel

In this presentation, Andrew will talk about all things ‘oak’ and, specifically, how the Independent Stave Company creates their barrels. We will then discuss some of the origins of flavors found in barrel aged whiskies. Plus, we’ll shatter a few of the commonly held myths that even the most confident of bourbon expert has surrounding maturation.

Andrew Wiehebrink Photo.jpg

Always inspired by innovation, Andrew Wiehebrink is a passionate engineer who leverages his expertise to lead Independent Stave Company spirit research division. Andrew works closely with ISC’s distilling customers to push the envelope of what is possible in the world of bourbon barrels. In addition to developing and testing new products, Andrew designs experiments and conducts pioneering research to further our understanding of whiskey maturation, barrel performance and alternative barrel construction!

Friday Night, 8:30pm

Fireside Chat: The Other spirit of Kentucky bluegrass ghosts

When you have a state as old as Kentucky, you’re bound to have more than a few stories of spirits, specters and phantoms. Join us around the campfire as Joni Goodin shares some tales of the more astonishing instances when whiskey and the paranormal have intersected. Joni will walk us through experiences had by those who have encountered spooks at historic distilleries like Buffalo Trace and Jim Beam. She’ll also share the tales of creepy, unexplained phenomena from famed Bluegrass spots like Mammoth Cave and the Appalachian Foothills, which are guaranteed to make your skin crawl just a bit. Joni even has a few stores originating from those Moonshine Stills in the Hills where angry long dead spirits are known to cause trouble even today. But don’t worry. We’re relatively sure the Kentucky Horse Park isn’t haunted. We hope.

Joni Goodin 2019 Burn Photo Main.jpg

Joni Goodin is a Paranormal Historian who has hosted Ghost Tours in Key West, Atlanta and her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Joni is known for conducting exhausting research of famously haunted spots that range from historic hotels to long abandoned homes. She has a knack for weaving amazing stories of spirits and the macabre which mingle terror, humor and Kentucky history all into one presentation. Currently, Joni hosts tours in Bourbon Country and Louisville Ghost Tours. Joni loves her bourbon pours neat, her Karaoke songs loud and claims to have Jimmy Buffet’s cell phone number stored in her contacts, however no one has yet to ask her to prove it.

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Saturday Night, 7pm

Pavilion Presentation: Drink this, not that: A guide to amazing, everyday bourbons

Every year, bourbon shelves are filling up with more and more limited release and special edition high-end bottles, many of which are priced well above the $100 price point. But there are a large number of bourbon brands that are widely available at half the cost and often offer amazing substitutes to those highly-publicized, sought after expressions. Join the Burn’s Distillery Experience Liaison Phil Kollin for a look at everyday sippers that can go toe-to-toe with other, more famous bottles. He’ll compare and contrast various brands while highlighting similarities in recipe, age and even the distillery where they were created. Phil will also talk through a bit of history on each brand, discuss the changing landscape of the bourbon shelf and what the future holds.

Phil Kollin 2019 Burn Photo 1.jpg

Phil Kollin joins the Burn this year as the team’s “Distillery Experience Liaison” and firmly believes, just like Daniel Boone did, that “Heaven must be a Kentucky kind of place.” Phil has made it his mission to travel down every highway, byway, back-road and no-lane road in the Bluegrass and has spent nearly five years striving to show people a good time by hosting tours of all shapes and size throughout the state. Phil is both a Louisville Certified Tourism Ambassador and an Executive Bourbon Steward through the Stave and Thief Society. A die-hard fan of all things bourbon, coffee, and minutia, Phil is a world champion dilly dallier, the 3rd Grade Spelling Bee winner and once hosted a private bourbon tour for Chris Stapleton’s brother. Phil can often be heard on the ABV Network’s “Bourbon Daily” podcast and has just one bourbon rule: never open a new bottle of whiskey without someone else to share that first pour.

Saturday Night, 8:30pm

Fireside Chat: Distillery disasters, when bad things happen to good bourbon

Throughout Kentucky’s history, distillery disasters have made international headlines. From the 1886 distillery fire at the John Thixton distillery in Owensboro, to this past summer’s fire at a Jim Beam warehouse near Frankfort, distillery disasters have been big news. We’ll examine the catastrophes, including explosions, fires, warehouse collapses and even a “Bourbonado,” as well as the laws and regulations enacted in order to mitigate the effect of these disasters. And we’ll also highlight some rare collectible bottles of bourbon that survived the calamities!


Charlie spent most of his adult life as a beer drinker until he began leading tours for Mint Julep Experiences in 2016 and decided to give bourbon another shot. Charlie has now hosted hundreds of groups on tours through Bourbon Country, and, at last count, has visited 52 distilleries in Kentucky and Tennessee. Charlie, who is also a Realtor® and recovering attorney, subscribes to Mark Twain’s philosophy that “[t]oo much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” Charlie is a Certified International Tour Manager, a Certified Bourbon Steward and a Certified Tourism Ambassador, and enjoys traveling, canoeing, riding roller coasters with his daughter Bella, and hanging out at dog friendly watering holes with his faithful companion Tucker.

The beautiful countryside and majestic horses can’t be beat. Base Camp offered a great place to relax with entertainment and bonfires.
— Terry, 2018 participant