Buffalo Trace Tasting Experience with Freddie Johnson - 8:30pm

Saturday Evening VIP Tasting Experience

On Saturday evening, we will welcome guests into the VIP Tasting Tent at Bourbon Base Camp to sample and learn about five very different spirits that are all distilled at the iconic Buffalo Trace Distillery.

As part of this experience, guests will enjoy tastings of Wheatley Vodka, W.L Weller Special Reserve Bourbon, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon and Sazerac Rye.

As you are guided through a tasting of each product, we will discuss how different grain recipes and aging techniques are used to create a variety of whiskeys. We’ll also raise a glass and celebrate the long history of Buffalo Trace Distillery - the oldest continuously-operating distillery in America - located just a few miles down the road in Frankfort, Kentucky (and visited on our Friday long route).

Leading the presentation will be Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Tour Guide, Freddie Johnson.  Freddie, whose grandfather started working at the Buffalo Trace Distillery over 107 years ago, is well known in the industry for introducing newcomers to whiskey, his deep passion for all things bourbon and an unyielding smile that’s second to none. Famous for his nuggets of whiskey philosophy (“an empty bottle of bourbon shared with friends is far more valuable then a full bottle sitting on the shelf”), Freddie has a unique knack for connecting those both new and old to the bourbon world in a meaningful and special way.

In 2018, Freddie was inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame alongside master distillers and executives and is the only tour host in Kentucky to have even been given that honor. Freddie tells us he even might bring a few surprises to the Bourbon Country Burn for our guests as well as a small thank you gift to take home.

Experience Ticket Price: $68.90 (includes all taxes & fees).

Would you rather hear about this experience? We’ll tell you all about it in this short 2 minute video right here:

For every day that we walk this earth, there will always be more barrels of bourbon being made. But friends and family will not always be nearby. So when you bring the bottle out, enjoy the moment, because that’s what bourbon is made for.
— Freddie Johnson